Calling All Small Builders! We are here to help you get you on with your next development.

At Gaddes Noble Property Lawyers we have been helping small and medium size builders for decades. Our Managing Director Lee Gaddes has a wealth of knowledge acting for builders, helping them secure their next development. It’s been a hard three months for the new build market, but things are now moving, feet are now back on the ground, so we want to ensure we are here to help you look ahead to your next development.

We asked Lee, how he can help builders keep the market moving.

“Throughout my career, I have worked for local builders. Over the years I have not only built great working relationships and but also made a few friends along the way. I enjoy the personal aspect the work brings, being involved at the initial stage of development, ensuring the legal documentation is right, reviewing the land and its historical use, considering the potential plots and the seeing the development through to its eventual sale is very rewarding”.

“The building industry has had its highs and lows over the last couple of decades. Builders like any other business, see the trends and know how to adapt to a changing environment. Over the years, I have worked closely with builder clients, they know they can approach me early on with any potential land development and be confident that I can review the legal title and identify any potential issues which could cause the development problems later down the line. As you can imagine, there are numerous issues with buying land for residential development, such as locked land, access issues, previous land uses, or restrictive covenants that might prohibit development. Having the experience to know what investigations and searches are needed for residential development is invaluable, so time and money is not wasted unnecessarily. I am always happy to look over any potential residential development before they make an approach to the seller, so they are fully appraised of the facts before securing any site”.

“Once the initial investigations are complete, its then it’s a matter of securing the land, obtaining planning permission, working with the builder and the local council development team to ensure everything is in place before work begins on the site”.

“As well as getting the site up and running from a builder’s point of view, behind the scenes there is a lot of legal work being carried out. Splitting the title, researching covenants and potential title indemnity insurance policies, preparing the legal packs, building regulations and guarantees. So that once the roof is on, we can get to work ensuring the sales complete as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Cash flow has always been vital for builders, so making sure the sales complete as soon as the builder is ready is fundamental. Unexpected delays can delay work on later phases of the development or delay the acquisition of the next development. I have always made it a priority to be prepared in advance, so delays are minimised”.

If you are a builder looking to buy your next development, why not get in touch with Lee, I am sure he would be more than happy to talk through your plans and secure your next development.