Covid 19 update – MOVING HOME AND YOUR CONVEYANCING with gaddes noble

Following Government Guidance regarding the relaxation of social distancing on 4 July 2020, we have taken the decision to return to work at the Office. 

At Gaddes Noble, the safety of our staff and clients continues to remain our upmost priority. We are lucky to have large office space with separate meeting rooms and offices for our clients and staff. With this in mind, we have been able to resume working in the office while continuing to maintain social distancing guidelines. 

We are now able to offer face to face pre-booked meeting with clients at the office. On arrival you will be directed to your allocated meeting room. We will ensure that the room has been cleaned both before and after your visit. We have sanitiser stations and masks available on arrival for your convenience. We ask that you bring your own pen with you to reduce the risk to you and our staff. 

If you are feeling unwell before your appointment, we respectfully ask that you do not attend for the meeting and let us know beforehand. 

We know that not everyone will want to come into the office just yet. Our award-winning conveyancing team continue to make use of our excellent cloud-based case management systems, VoIP telephone communication, email and video conferencing. So however, you want to communicate with us we are here to answer your enquiries, ensuring your conveyancing transaction completes as smoothly as possible. 

The government issued updated guidance on 13 May 2020 on moving home during the Covid-19 outbreak, effectively restarting the housing market.

The new guidance states that people can move home who wish to do so, but they must do so safely.

A link to the current government guidelines set out in full is here:

Our Conveyancing Team will actively support you and progress matters on your behalf during this period. We will consider cross-industry guidance in our approach to enable us to complete your house move whilst advising you to maintain safe social distancing measures. To summarise:

  • We will act in a transparent and professional manner with all parties involved, and we will be clear with our clients about our service and any restrictions to the service as a result of COVID-19.
  • We are now able to see clients at the office using social distancing measures, if you do not want to come into the office, we continue to make full use of digital technology, including e-mail, video conferencing platforms and telephone.
  • ID checks will be carried out using electronic verification methods to avoid the need for physical presence at the office. 
  • Where a document requires witnessing of a signature in person, social distancing measures will be in place at the office. If you are having a signature witnessed by a third party, each signatory should observe Public Health guidelines. Use your own pen which you should not share with another signatory and wear gloves to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus.
  • We will encourage electronic signatures where possible rather than wet ink signatures with the very important exception of documents that need to be supplied to Land Registry for registration, for example a Mortgage Deed. 
  • Our terms and conditions of services offered to clients will be varied to allow for potential problems or restrictions arising from COVID-19.
  • Where using an electronic signature is not possible, paperwork should be posted to our office address. Although our offices are now open, we ask that any documentation you wish to bring to the office should be posted either in our secure post box on the front door to the offices or via Royal Mail. If you wish to see someone in the office, please arrange a pre-booked appointment. 

Our regulator, the CLC, has endorsed cross-industry guidance on ensuring a safe home moving process. The details in full can be found by following this link:

Managing Director Lee Gaddes said:

“We are all pleased to be back working in the Office,  and we welcome the latest government guidance relaxing social distancing measures. The team are working well within the social distancing guidance ensuring their safety and those of their colleagues. I am proud of how hard the team have worked over what has been an unprecedented time. It is great to see how everyone has pulled together continue to work hard while taking on the new challenges in their stride now we are back in the Office” 

Please call Gaddes Noble Property Lawyers on 01484 451066 or email with any queries or for anything that we can help you with.